Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Week!!!

This week we have 3 birthdays in our immediate family. Sunday would have been Braxton's 13th. I can't believe I'm old enough to have a teenager.

We went to the cemetery with cake and balloons. I was a great day to remember a very special son.

Monday was Dustin's Birthday. He choose to have chocolate cream pie. This is his mom's recipe and it is so yummy. He is an incredible man and I'm so grateful he is a part of my life.

And last but not least. MaKady's 11th birthday was yesterday. She put in some suggestions for what she wanted for a cake and this is what we came up with. It was massive. I joked I was decorating my first wedding cake because it was so big. I got the opportunity to practice the chocolate roses I learned last week, and the daises and name are made with starburst fruit chews. It was a lot of fun to make. I can't believe MaKady is growing up so fast. She is turning into this incredible young woman and I'm really grateful she is a part of our family.


Jenny said...

What a cute cake! I would love the recipe! I have a few guesses on how you did it, but you have me curious! :) I love chocolate pie too!

Kristy said...

That turned out wonderfully! I am so amazed at your talent. I hope you saved me a chocolate rose!

Josh, Lundyn and Quincy Stuart said...

Wow lady! You've been busy. Amazing cakes...sounds delicious!

Mohna said...

Wow! 3 birthdays in a row! Well maybe it's easier that way. The cakes looked delicious! And wowey on Makady's!