Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Kristy tagged me and so here we go.....

20 years ago.
1. I was 13 and going into 8Th grade.
2. I was a big flirt loved chasing boys.
3. I played soccer for the high school team.

10 years ago.
1. I had just had MaKady.
2. I had one semester left in the vo-tech program at ISU.
3. We were living in our first home in Inkom.

5 years ago.
1. This is the summer my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
2. I was huge pregnant with Brock.
3. My brother returned home from his mission.

3 years ago.
1. We went to Hawaii in December 2005!
2. We were living in our 3rd home in Inkom.
3. Dustin and I got into amazing shape in that year and somehow haven't found our way back yet but we're working on it again.

1 year ago.
1. We had just moved into our fourth home in Inkom. The joke is we are beautifying this town one home at a time.
2. We were pretty much doing the same thing. Not alot has changed.

1. I got caught up on the laundry from this extra long weekend.
2. We had a family home evening including story, hide and seek, and no bake cookies.
3. I got a nap.

1. I cleaned house so the activity day girls 8-9 could meet here this morning.
2. We just got back from free lunch in the park.
3. I am going to the gym tonight. I haven't been in a year. SO YEAH ME!!!

1. We are going to Idaho Falls to do a temple assignment.
2. I am going to do newspapers at 5:15 a.m. any one for an early morning walk?
3. It also anti-procrastion day! I need to accomplish something I have been procrastinating.

Next year
1. I will weigh 20 lbs less. YEAH ME!!!!
2. We will keep working on improving the home we live in and debating whether we want to move again. We go throught that feeling every 2-5 years.
3.Not sure what else, sorry I am pretty boring.

I tag Cortney, Pricilla, and Guppy!!!


Kristy said...

Are you sore today?

Priscilla, Chris and four miniatures said...

This might be tough...I'll have to really think hard to go back that far! :)

Ruuddudes said...

OK, you devil! I've successfully dodged every tag ever given me, but I'll try to get to this one when the snow hits. Hee hee. Myabe I'll forget tho... :)