Monday, July 28, 2008

She's gone!

MaKady is gone on an adventure with Gammy and Grandpa Mike. MaKady wrote a report on Couer D'alene, Idaho in school this year and Grandpa Mike and Gammy said they'd never been there so they all planned a trip to go visit. They left on Friday morning and will be back this Friday night. They stayed in Dillon, Montana; Couer D'alene, Idaho; and are now in Seattle, Washington visiting my aunt then they will go to Boise, Idaho before coming home. I told MaKady on the phone I don't know if I miss her or I'm just jealous and wish I could be with her. I hope she is having a wonderful time and I'm sure she'll have lots to blog about when she gets home.

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Kristy said...

Get use to it, it about 2 years she will be off to girls camp for a week. School started today and Kam had the hardest time. She wanted to go with the girls sooooo bad.