Sunday, October 24, 2010

What is Meggan up to !?!

Meg's team Jayden, Tirsten, Whitney, Meg, Cheyanne, Isabelle, Josh, Mallory, Sam, Jason, Kendalyn, and Coach Smith.

Meggan is an amazing girl! She just completed her first season of soccer and loved every minute of it, well maybe not the ball to the face, but the rest was great! Meggan loves to play with her brother and sisters. She is looking forward to Halloween and her birthday!(look out it's double digits) She is now trying to figure out what she wants to do next, basketball, tumbling, mini-cheer, or piano. Meggan is going to be a vampire for Halloween and she loves doing things with her friends. She loves going to activity days and she has memorized the articles of faith. She has a new bedroom that she so graciously shares with her little sister. They are working on designing the space and Meg wants everything blue and Gracie wants it pink so I think we are settling on periwinkle. We're grateful for Megi and that she is a part of our family.

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