Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What is MaKady up too !?!

So i thought I would take a minute and do a post about what each of the kids are up to these days. I thought I would start with MaKady. MaKady is a straight A student. MaKady is a middle school cheer leader and she is loving it! She gets up at 5:00a.m. twice a week to go to practice and cheers at games that are after school so it can make for some pretty long days. They also do pep assemblies for each of the sports and get together to make signs and do all sorts of fun things as a team. MaKady is involved in her class at church. She was just called to be the beehive class secretary. She is getting excited about upcoming Halloween parties and the first dance at school. MaKady is almost as tall as mom and she now has bigger feet, even though she still tries to squeeze into mom's heels. MaKady is taking piano lessons and is a wonderful help around the house. We love you MaKady!

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Kristy said...

OH NO her first DANCE!!!!!