Monday, April 27, 2009

New Hobby~New Friend

I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with a great new friend and learn a really fun new craft. Elizabeth and her sweet family moved to Inkom this year and her little girl always has the cutest bows in her lovely hair. I asked Elizabeth where she got them and she said "I make them, do you want to learn how?" and I jumped at the chance. So it was a play date for all. It was a great afternoon and I don't think my first attempts turned out to shabby. I can't wait to get to the craft store and try a few on my own.


Josh, Lundyn and Quincy Stuart said...

Please teach me!!! I always feel like my little girl looks like a tomboy! I just put her hair in a rubberband and sometimes a bow on Sunday. I'm jealous of your new fun craft!

Kristy said...

Love them all. Do you think it is weird that as an adult even I would want to wear them?