Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Intense Playdough

Okay no pictures read the previous post to find out why...Last week was spring break and the weather was awful. So the kids played board games, drove each other crazy, and any other thing we could do to find things to play inside. We had a huge batch of play dough and the kids were having a great time creating when all of a sudden Gracie reached a little too far and fell off her chair hitting the table, Meggan's chair, and then the floor with her head. We ended up going to the children's clinic and they said it was to close to her eye for them to deal with, so we ended up in the ER. They used conscious sedation and that was a little weird to see a drunk 2 year old. Anyway, 6 stitches and a couple of hours later she is a good as new. The stitches came out on Monday and she is doing great and loves to show everyone her scar.

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