Thursday, September 25, 2008

Amazing Neighbors!

I don't have a picture of our great neighbors, but I have a picture of the gift they brought last night!

Yep that would be 8.5 lbs of chocolate cake!!! I have the priviledge of watching their little guy for a couple of hours a week. He is a joy to have in our home and the kids love to have him come play. I told you they are amazing neighbors. If you want to check out some great pictures you can find their blog at You can see what a cutie their little one is. You can also see some of the great photos she did of our family!


Jenny said...

Wow! Those are great family pictures!! You have such a beautiful family!

Kristy said...

Hey Shawn wants to know if there will time for a little golfing when you are here? Eat some cake for me!!!

kadykakes said...

I love you