Friday, August 1, 2008

Preschool Projects

Brock and Mom participated in a parent ran preschool program at school last year and as one of our projects in the spring we planted sunflowers. This variety is supposed to reach a height of 4-6 feet and have lots of flowers on one stalk. We did it before spring break so these little seeds had almost reached the top of my kitchen window before it was warm enough to plant them outside. They are doing really well and Brock is really proud of his plant. We are doing the preschool program again this fall and I think next year we'll find another place to plant sunflowers at home. They've been fun to watch grow and bloom...just like our kids are.


Kristy said...

Tell Brock that he looks great. And that Austin sure does miss him. We will see you later this month. I almost have Shelley convinced to run in the race!!

The Fullmer Family said...

That is AMAZING! You must have a green thumb! I wish I hadn't killed Kenidee's within the first couple of weeks of bringing it home! We'll just have to try it again next year. Maybe we can get together in the spring and try it again since Kenidee won't be with you guys next year in the PRP! How sad is that!