Sunday, August 10, 2008

A new calling

This is Dustin trying to sneak in a little nap between meetings. He was called a couple of weeks ago to be the new second councilor in our bishopric. He has meetings before church and after church, which means Sundays have officially become the longest day of the week for mom. Actually we are all very proud of him and know that he will do an amazing job helping the members of our ward.


Kristy said...

Just wait till tithing settlement comes around. Even months after wards if you asked Austin where Dad was he would "at the church".

Priscilla, Chris and four miniatures said...

Oh, I don't envy you! I can only imagine the workload that falls on you both, but at least you can know you'll be blessed for your sacrifices. Good luck.

Hannah, Mackenzie & Coleman Lay said...

Wow! I remember all of the meetings Tobin had to attend on Sunday's when he was only the Elders Quorm President. Tell Dustin congrats....or good luck......or even both! :)