Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School

I know this post is only a week old. School started here last Monday but hey at least I took the pictures that day :-)

Ok so it's not really Gracie's first day of school til after labor day but she couldn't miss out on having her picture taken with all the other kids.

Brock began 2nd grade and he was so excited to get back to school especially now that mom doesn't have to go with him to help test in the morning he can ride his bike with his sister.

Meggan was more concerned with who was in her class then who her teacher was. She began 5th grade and is supper excited to spend all her extra time with her friends.

MaKady started the first day of school at cheer practice at 5:30 in the morning. She really didn't want this to be her first day of school picture so we took another one when she came home. MaKady started 8th grade and yep they rule the middle school.

Here's to another fun FILLED(filled with preschool, scouts, piano lessons, Young Women's, activity days, dance lessons, cheer, soccer, PTO, baseball, wrestling, and lots lots more...)year and with lots of great memories to.

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