Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer Flowers that survived the flood.

These are a few of the summer flowers that survived the flood. The rose is from the bush that was planted in when my dad passed away and the lily is a gift from Dustin last year. I really enjoy gifts that keep giving so instead of bringing my a vase of flowers he brought me a lily that was blooming and after it was done he planted it in the flower bed and I get to enjoy it year after year. I sure do love that man :-) We also have a huge sunflower. It was 2 feet high when the flood came and now Meggan can look out her bedroom window into the flower.

These are my plants from Mother's day they were in pots up on the stairs so there were spared in the flood.

I love watching how things have grown throughout the summer.


Paige said...

I love them. They are so pretty. I am so happy that they survived the flood.I hope they don't die. Love Ya!

Kristy said...

Kind of makes me sad to see fall here.