Thursday, August 20, 2009


I still have pictures to post from the summer but I thought I would skip ahead and post about yesterday. It was the first day of school. Brock started kindergarten, Meggan is in 3rd grade, and MaKady started 6th grade. It was a great day! They all enjoyed spending the day at school and the homework wasn't too bad the first night. Hopefully they all stay just as excited through out the year. Gracie gets to stay home with Mom this year she's to little for preschool just yet but that's OK. We'll just have to find some fun things to do with out the other kids. Going to lunch, shopping, making cookies and all those fun things like cleaning the house, dishes and laundry. Here's to a great year.


acp08 said...

The waterfall is in Twin Falls, on the road you take to get down to the golf course, on the bend. You have to walk a little ways.

Paige said...

Kady has on such a cute dress. where did you get it. gracie wanted a picture too.They all look cute.

Paige said...

You should see my blog at paigenoel, You know the rest.