Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

These are a few of the graves we were able to visit this weekend. I really do enjoy the peace we feel when we go to the cemetery. I thought I would post these for those in our family who weren't able to come visit this memorial day, maybe next year.
This is our son Braxton's I can't believe he would be 13 this summer.

These are my dad's, another I can't believe moment...it's been 5 years this summer.

These are our grandparents.

This is our niece Kaili. Her family lives far away and we thought they would enjoy getting to see all of the things that were left in memory of her.

And finally a little family picture these are all of our kids.

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Kristy said...

Gracie looks just like Kam in that last picture. Thank you so much for taking those pictures. I really appreciate that you take the time. We love you guys!